Colleen Quinn McFarland, MS, RN, ERYT, HSMI, RM

Founder, President and Director, Healing Arts and Wellness, LLC

Yoga Teacher, Holistic Stress Management Instructor, Yoga Therapist in Training and Holistic Care Provider 


Colleen has maintained a regular holistic practice and is engaged in teaching the practical application of yoga, self-care, stress reduction and mindfulness techniques. Colleen teaches various styles and lineages of yoga and particularly appreciates the benefits of Iyengar Yoga and has a particular passion for the benefits that come from the deep sense of relaxation and mindfulness brought about by a restorative yoga practice. Colleen is currently a Yoga Therapist student and is deepening her knowledge of how to recognize the impacts of illness, injury, trauma and disease and to assist individuals to manage and experience less suffering related to their condition. She studied Holistic Stress Management and has come to understand the impact that stress has on the human condition. She teaches sessions, classes and presentations so individuals can live a fuller life and improve wellbeing. Colleen values the healing properties of music and sound and integrates these modalities into specific sessions and classes. Colleen has also learned the Japanese art of Reiki and holds a Master Reiki Provider status. She has a Masters of Science in Nursing and has served in various roles in healthcare including education, clinical practice and leadership. Colleen is married and has  3 wonderful sons. She is a lifelong learner or holistic studies, and enjoys singing and playing guitar, listening to music, spending time with her dog and cats and experiencing the peacefulness of nature.

Colleen’s Yoga and Holistic training includes:

  • Registered Yoga Teacher/ Yoga Interdisciplinary Studies recognized by the Yoga Alliance

  • Restorative Yoga Teacher -studied with Judith Hanson Lasater

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher trained

  • Holistic Stress Management Instructor-studied with Brian Luke Seaward

  • Yoga Therapist in training -currently studying with Brandt Passalaqua

  • Reiki Master


"The energy found in yoga and other integrative practices has been the springboard for my physical, emotional and spiritual connection and sense of well-being. I have an interest in disease prevention and healing and wellness that originate outside of mainstream medicine.  I have conducted lectures, workshops and sessions on self-care approaches to manage the typical stressors of modern life while facilitating an integrative wellness approach. My mission is to offer collaborative multi-modality interventions that promote self-discovery and the unfolding of individuals self-awareness. I feel that yoga and other holistic interventions can transform everyone and I look forward to leading others to the path to self transformation."