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Listen to what our clients are saying:


Just had the best yoga class I have ever had.!! The atmosphere and venue are everything you think about when you think yoga...Colleen was the ultimate instructor. You must try a class here. I can't wait to try more of what they have to offer.

                                                             Kathy, Fairport N.Y.


I am new to the area and have been searching for an awesome yoga venue....Tonite I found it here at Healing Arts and Wellness.The Spring Equinox Restorative Yoga evening was absolutely beautiful..I am looking forward to many more sessions here.

                                                             Char, Marion N.Y.



There is nothing better than a Restorative Yoga class that uses multiple props, with an instructor that takes meticulously good care of her students. Colleen's  hands on adjustments are just perfect, reminding me to focus on where I should be releasing tension. You're just what I've been needing. 

                                                             Stephanie, Webster N.Y.

My husband and I completed our 2nd session today - so happy with it! No stress, no drama - a very warm environment. 

                                                             Pam, Macedon N.Y.

I should be a spokesperson for Gently Restore and Renew yoga class. I have had trouble sleeping for many years and after taking a class I actually had the first full night sleep I've had in years!  

                                                            Chris, Palmyra, N.Y.


Before taking a yoga class I had back stiffness and discomfort in my hip. After taking the Beginners Yoga Series at Healing Arts and Wellness I noticed my flexibility and balance improved and the discomfort in my back and hip eased quite a bit. Starting a yoga practice has really helped me.                                                             

                                                            Ann, Penfield N.Y.


Since I have attended yoga classes regularly at Healing Arts and Wellness I have noticed I am more flexable and have much more endurance when I run. I have degenerative disc disease and yoga has allowed me to feel less stiff both in the morning and after sitting for long periods of time. I am so glad I started!

                                                           Debbie, Fairport N.Y.







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